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Comprehensive Services

Illinois Recovery Group provides a wide variety of services and products that our clients use every day. Basically we make your life easier. We can provide these products as a convenience as well as cost effective solution, not to mention the time and cost savings.

Windshield Washer FluidWindshield Washer Solvent
Our clients know how quickly windshield washer solvent supplies can get diminished, especially with high volume of service. Illinois Recovery Group can supply windshield washer solvent in bulk, provide tanks or refill existing tanks. On demand pumps are also available. We switch to a summer blend on April 1st and then back to winter blend on September 1st.

Triple Basin Services
Triple basins should be cleaned at least once a year to ensure the shop drains are working properly. Illinois Recovery Group can set up a regular maintenance program that fits your schedule.

Parts Washers
Illinois Recovery Group can supply 16-gallon or 30-gallon parts washer units to fit your specific needs, as well as service the units.

Fluorescent Bulbs & Headlamps
It's something most companies don't think about, but Illinois Recovery Group can even provide recycling services for all bulbs including florescent, HID, and incandescent bulbs. Most bulbs need to be recycled and not thrown away as some of them contain Mercury. We can include this service as part of the full scope of recycling services for the bulbs you generate. We will also provide a certificate of recycling.

Absorbent PadsAbsorbent Pads
Illinois Recovery Group will provide quality pads that absorb oil and antifreeze. These absorbent pads come in 100-count bundles and rolls.

Don't throw away old or outdated electronic components. We can collect and recycle them as part of our scheduled service program. All electronics will be shredded and recycled according to established guidelines, and we will supply a certificate of destruction as well.

Plastic DrumsNon-hazardous Drum Removal
Emply drums take up space and can cause potential problems if left unmanaged. Let us get those drums out of your way. We can pick up, remove, and recycle the empty plastic or steel drums. IRG can also pick up drums with non-hazardous waste and dispose of them according to state and federal guidelines.

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